Repel – Natural Insect Repellent


Repel – Natural Insect Repellent

from 16.00

125ml Personal Spray - $16.00

Candle (26 hour Burn Time) - $23.00


Completely Chemical free personal insect repellent blended from 7 Essential Oils including Neem Oil. US studies found Neem Oil more effective than DEET (a chemical banned in many countries) in deterring mozzies. Repel Personal Repellant has a fine mist spray with a pleasant aroma suitable for the whole family.  

Repel Candle aroma brings a pleasant ambiance to your indoor and outdoor spaces while keeping away unwanted visitors. Candle burn time - approx 26 hours.

Repel Spray is also safe for dogs to keep flies and fleas away - just don't spray their face! 

*See our Blog for results of scientific experiment carried out with Neem Oil

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