Dreamtime Blend - Restful Sleep


Dreamtime Blend - Restful Sleep

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Candle (46 hr Burn) $34.50; Shower Gel 250ml $14.50; BodyButter 250ml $26.00; Roll-on-Remedy 10ml $17.00


The Blend for deep, restful sleep with 5 Essential Oils to: 

  • Aid insomnia by relaxing body & mind to achieve restful sleep

  • Reduce anxiety & depression;

  • Calm the mind and relieve headaches;

  • Create a warm, nurturing, sedatory environment;

  • Become part of the bedtime routine for anxious children;

  • Dreamtime users enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.

Burn Candle at least 30 mins before bedtime.  Essential Oils suspend in the air & keep working hours after flame is extinguished.

Shower Gel - Low chemical base - gentle enough for the whole family – try as a calming bubble bath for kids.

Nourish skin with rich, natural Dreamtime infused BodyButter & drift off to sleep - gives skin 24 hydration.

Roll-on-Remedy - ideal for travel & when candle use is not appropriate - suitable for ages 2 - Adults.  Apply to wrists, inner elbows & behind ears. Great for children who are anxious at bedtime.

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