Clean Air & Hands - Odour Neutralisers


Clean Air & Hands - Odour Neutralisers

from 9.50

Candle (18 hour burn) $16.50. Handwash 250ml - $9.50. Roomspray Mist (non-aerosol) 100ml - $11.00

"Clean" - an Odour Neutraliser & Air Purifier with a barely detectable scent to draw in & negate odours, Candle is perfect in the kitchen to eliminate cooking odours including oil, curry, fish etc - burn beside the oven for 15 minutes.

Use the roomspray to:

  • Remove stale, musty bathroom & laundry odours;

  • Neutralise pet odours;

  • Purify & Disinfect Air – kill germs in a sick room;

  • Eliminate odours and disinfect your surroundings.

  • Spray wardrobes, shoes, cars and pet bedding.


Clean HandWash – the same Clean “Blend” in a mild base handwash:

  • Removes strong odours like garlic & onion from hands;

  • Disinfects & cleans gently with no harsh chemicals – LSL, Paraben Free - hands will feel much softer after use.

  • High quality base means only a small amount is needed each time.

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