Essential Oils:-

“Essential Oils” & “fragrance oils” are not the same. Essential Oils are extracted from plant leaves, bark, or flower & have been used through the centuries for medicine, wellness & spiritual ceremonies. “Fragrance” used in candles and other body products are man-made with no therapeutic or health benefit. 

Essential Oils used by MiaEssenza (in Alphabetical Order)

  • Benzoin - a sedative used for sleep disorders, reduces anxiety, relieves asthma, coughs & colds;
  • Bergamot - Calms the mind, relieves stress, spiritually uplifting;
  • Black Pepper - Strengthens nerves and mind - Eases muscular aches and pains;
  • Cedarwood - Lifts depression and relaxes;
  • Cinnamon - Warms and relaxes, mildly antiseptic, calming and insect repelling;
  • Citronella - Bug repellent, reduces fever, aids digestion and fatigue;
  • Clove - Highly antiseptic, aids cold and flu symptoms, kills germs and repels insects;
  • Eucalyptus Blue - Eases colds, coughs, headaches, sinus congestion & bronchitis;
  • Eucalyptus Lemon - Eases coughs, sinus, arthritis, bronchitis, reduces fever, deters mosquitoes;
  • Grapefruit White - Uplifts the spirit, aids fatigue, freshens air;
  • Lavender - Soothes headaches, insect bites, migraine;
  • Neem - Natural insect repellent - particularly mosquitoes, antiseptic;
  • Lemon - Detoxifies & Freshens;
  • Mandarin - Aids insomnia and anxiety, settles stomachs;
  • Majoram - Relieves headaches, anxiety, colds, muscular ache, sleep disorders, calms digestive system;
  • Orange - Eliminates Stress, calms nerves, energises, aids water retention;
  • Peppermint - Fights fatigue, aids concentration, clears headaches, coughs and colds & muscular pain;
  • Rosemary - Soothes aching muscles, arthritis, rheumatism, aids circulation and digestion, clears bronchitis;
  • Tea Tree - Antiseptic, Anti-viral, Antibacterial;
  • Ylang Ylang - Reduces Anxiety, tension, fear and anger, widely used as an aphrodisiac;



MiaEssenza uses only pure Essential Oils blended into high quality, low chemical, natural bases.

We have sourced the purest possible base products - Our handwash is Paraben and LSL free and our Shower Gel has a very low chemical content.

Body Butter ingredients include Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil & Aloe Vera blended together to create a rich skin moisturiser which will keep your skin hydrated over 24 hours.

Body Oils contain 100% Pure & Natural Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Macadamia, Sunflower & Safflower Oils - a similar Oil Blend is used for our Roll-on Remedies but these are a nut-free combination of Oils. Both Oil Blends are water soluble and easily absorbed into the skin.

All Candles are hand poured using 100% pure Soy Wax with high quality cotton wicks.

Organic Goat's Milk Soap Based only used. Other soaps are made from Natural Glycerine Soap Bases.  All soap bases are vegan friendly and have not been tested on animals.

All products are made with only Pure Essential Oils. 


Using my products:

  • Bodywash - great in the shower but also makes an excellent bubble bath and wash - just add a small amount under running water.
  • Peaceful Silence Body Oil can be used all over as a body/massage oil, and is particularly well absorbed by the skin by lighting spraying immediately after a bath or shower. Rub some to the upper body when relaxation is called for - or try a few drops in the bath.  Suitable to use on children when some calm time is needed - either apply the Oil directly to arms and chest area or add a few drops to their bath. Handy spray applicator makes use easy.
  • Muscle Rub - great for the sportsperson and can be used as a muscle rub both before and after sport to reduce and relieve muscle soreness.  Can be used on any area on the body where tightness or soreness occurs such as neck area, back, arms and legs.  Also gives relief to arthritis aches and rheumatism symptoms and is great for any area where inflammation is present. A small amount rubbed into the temple area is a great headache reliever.
  • Clean Air Candle is a neutraliser and disinfectant and can be used in cooking areas or for pet smells but also as a disinfectant in a sick room to purify and disinfect air rather than spraying commercial disinfectants.
  • Allergies Away Roll-on Remedy can be used daily in allergy season to boost your natural immune system but also applied directly as needed to relieve the itch of insect bites, minor burns, skin irritations, etc. I use the Roll-on daily in the hay fever months and for the first time in years am virtually free of the hay fever symptoms of sneezing and itchy eyes which have plagued me for years.  I am no longer taking any type of hay fever relief medication.
  • Repel personal spray - I developed and experimented with this repellant over some months by changing the oil ratios and sitting outside at dusk until I finally got it right and was getting not a single mozzie bite - prior to that I would sit outside and be a mozzie magnet, getting covered in mozzie bites to any exposed skin, often while people around me would not be getting bitten at all - now I am one of those people and have received feedback from customers who are really happy with the results they are having with Repel.

MiaEssenza products are suitable for use by all ages 2 and over. As with anything applied to the skin, should you have any reaction, please discontinue use and contact us.