Purpose & Beauty

MiaEssenza's blends are created to delight the senses and bring nature's therapy to our everyday life. No synthetic fragrances are used - only Pure Essential Oils blended in perfect synergy to enhance wellness while creating wonderful aromas in your home.  


My Natural Home & Body Products are both purposeful and beautiful. With sensitive skin and a desire to lower my own chemical environment, I have been using Essential Oils in my own home for years - experimenting to create blends with the perfect Oil ratio for purpose and ambiance. 


MiaEssenza is my range of natural aromatherapy products using the highest quality Essential Oils & Bases. Each Blend has been formulated for a specific therapeutic purpose with an aroma created using the principles of perfumery so the scent of each product is both delicate and long lasting.  Each product can be used for therapy or simply because your enjoy the aroma - or both.

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To learn more about the ingredients used in our range or to see the Properties & Benefits of the Essential Oils used in MiaEssenza products - see our "About our Oils" page. See our "Blog Page" for other interesting bits and pieces including recipes, uses for specific Oils and general info.


I invite you to try MiaEssenza by shopping online or hosting a party - Find retail stockists and Market Events here on my website or contact me with any queries you have.

Jackie Wilkinson

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